Advising clients in the organization of their businesses to achieve an optimization of their tax burdens and tax advice in their daily operations has been one of the fundamental pillars on which Estudio Guzmán has developed.

The tax consultancy also considers the support to the client in the face of the inspection processes of the Internal Revenue Service and the Tax and Customs Courts of Chile, representing it in all instances, either before claims of liquidations and tax transfers, as well as in all the instances of judicial headquarters.

For the development of these functions, our firm has a team of experienced professionals and specialists, with postgraduate studies in this area obtained at prestigious universities.


> Local tax consulting

> International tax consulting

> Local corporate tax reorganization

> International corporate tax reorganization

> Family wealth tax reorganization

> Hereditary restructuring

> International Taxation

> Local investment

> Foreign investment

> Structuring and maximizing business tax perspective

> Taxpayer administrative defense (SII)

> Taxpayer court defense – tax lawsuits

> Tax procedures before SII, TGR, Municipal Revenues

> Strategic planning of tax compliance

> Private investment funds

> Creation of foundations and corporations

> Regularization of municipal taxes

> Reports on tax law (legal reports)

> Advice on commercial law and corporate governance

> Family agreement

> Joint Ventures

> Project financing at the tax level

> Tax outlook on mergers and acquisition


> Banking and finance

> Private clients

> Real Estate

> Energy

> Mining

> Transportation

> Infrastructure and concessions

> Agroindustry

> Tourism and hospitality

> Stock market

> Trading

> Service companies

> Digital economy

> National and international investment funds

> Family offices

> Venture Capital

> Foundations and corporations